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What Makes a Digital Wallet Quality?

A digital wallet is a piece of software that helps users move money using the Internet. Modern digital wallets utilize layers of encryption in order to ensure every transaction is private. This process is called “tokenization”, and it is used to make data anonymous and create a disposable session where the transaction can take place.

All that is useful, but it doesn’t help us understand how to shop for a great digital wallet. What qualities should you look for when you’re deciding where to store your money online? Here are some thoughts on what makes a quality digital wallet.


Stanford has some helpful ideas on what basics you should be looking for as a consumer. The best digital wallets are extensible, meaning they can handle any of the payment methods you may choose to use at a given moment. Vendors also shouldn’t be able to initiate transactions without your explicit say-so, thus making security extremely important.

Low fees are another great quality to look for, and those are achieved by re-using the same technology. You’ll never get a behind-the-scenes peak at this portion, so shop around for the lowest fees you can find.

And finally, Stanford concludes that digital wallets should be able to run on any device. You shouldn’t need your PC to complete a transaction, especially since smartphone adoption rates are rising.

Other Qualities

Other qualities to look for include discounts and special offers. More digital wallets are working directly with retailers to make sure they offer personalized discounts to customers using these payment methods.

Payza offers convenience and security for sending and receiving money online. You can read Payza reviews to find out what actual customers are saying, or download the app yourself in iTunes or the Google App store.


Avoid Scams When You Shop Online

Shopping online is becoming more and more popular, especially with the convenience of smartphones and tablets. When looking for online shopping deals, consumers often turn to less traditional websites that they might not be familiar with because they advertise prices at largely reduced rates when compared to large retailers. This method can be disastrous if you’re not careful.

Avoid scams when shopping online by implementing the following tips:

Only Shop Securely

One of the most important factors to consider when discount shopping is whether or not you’re using a secure website.

Secure websites will always start with “https” instead of just “http”. The additional “s” at the end signifies that the website uses an SSL certificate to ensure that your information is being protected when you shop and when you check out.

Read Reviews of eCommerce Stores First

If you plan on shopping at an eCommerce store that you’ve never heard of before, try to locate customer reviews first. They’ll tell you whether or not the website is a scam, how good the customer service is, and what type of quality you can expect from the products.

Online stores that have mostly negative reviews should be avoided at all costs.

Stay Clear of Rock Bottom Deal Websites

It might be tempting to buy a purse for $50 from a discount website that normally costs $1,000, but in most cases, you’ll either be buying a fake or you won’t receive anything at all.

Deals that sound too good to be true probably are.

With Costbuys, you can find online shopping deals buying in bulk and having everything shipped direct to your doorstep.



Basic data center cooling infrastructure

Written by MovinCool

The data centers that power all the cloud services that you use contain thousands or sometimes even tens of thousands of servers. All these servers, the network switches that connect them to the internet and the UPS systems that keep them powered generate a lot of heat. All of this heat needs to be removed as quickly as possible. An increase by as much as eight degrees in ambient temperature in the room can trigger an automatic shutdown. This is where data center cooling comes in.

Data center cooling equipment is physically located in the same space as the equipment it cools. How the air gets to the server and how that air is expelled vary from installation to installation. The most popular method now is to use ducts to send cool air out from directly underneath the front of the servers. This works because IT equipment airflow starts at the front and goes out at the back.

Another take on this method is to only cool the area immediately in front of the racks. This is done by placing two rows of racks facing each other w\ith cooling coming from adjustable vents from the floor of the corridor. The two racks are then enclosed so that no cool air gets out. The hot air exits the back of the servers. This has another advantage.  In the event of an a/c failure, a rental portable air conditioner can be used in each of these enclosed rack sets, rather than trying to cool an entire data center space.

This is just one of the many ways basic data center cooling infrastructure works.


MovinCool is a provider of industrial cooling and computer cooling expertise.


Everything you need to know about Philips Hue bulbs

The connected home space is growing faster than ever. Thanks to smartphone and broadband internet, connecting and controlling your home is much easier. One of the first connected devices that sold in significant numbers was the Philips Hue light bulb. Depending on how many lights you want to control, you might also need to invest in a Hue Bridge in addition to the bulbs.

When choosing bulbs, it is important to know how many lumens you will need for that bulb. Previously all discussion of light bulb strength was based on wattage. With the shift from incandescent to CFL and now to LED, wattage as a measurement of brightness is getting less and less relevant. The strength in lumens versus the number of watts of the bulb can vary by manufacturer. The US FTC has a chart that will give some indication of how many lumens to expect from a certain wattage.

Philips bulbs come in three types: The Hue White and Color Ambiance, Hue White Ambiance and the Hue White. The Hue White and Color Ambiance is the most popular and the one that most people know about. It is a remote controllable dimmable LED bulb that can change to any color. Perfect for movies, parties or just playing around. The Hue White Ambiance is the same as the above except that it only changes to different temperatures of white. The Hue White is simply a dimmable soft white light bulb and is also the cheapest.


The Underlying Reason Why Medical Device Coatings Are Needed Today

Medical device coatings are a huge step in today’s advancing field of medicine.

In the world of medicine, catheters and other invasive devices have become the focal point for experimentation. It’s an exciting prospect as device developers and manufacturers incorporate new coating technologies that are improving the way that these devices function within the body. In order to create a safe product, there must be substantial research performed beforehand to ensure that it offers a solution to the patient. Here is a brief rundown on why medical device coatings are created and why they’re utilized in today’s field of medicine.

Why is There a Need for Medical Coatings?

Medical devices are coated through thin film evaporation for many reasons. One of the most common is to provide the device with more properties beyond what its base substrate offers. This can include anything from an easy glide into the body, to attaching drugs or biologically active compounds onto the device itself. This can provide substantial benefits to the human body such as lowering the risk of infection post-insertion, reducing blood clots, and countering the body’s rejection of the invasive device. The human body is naturally designed to reject foreign objects. And, for example, when a catheter is inserted, clots can form and create significant health issues for the patient if left untreated.

To sum it up, medical devices are coated with numerous compounds for health benefits and to provide additional resources for specialists to counter the weight of contraindications. Whether the device is coated or not, depends on the characteristics of the coating, as well as the reason for applying it.

Denton Vacuum, LLC is the leading manufacturer for thin film evaporation. For inquiries on products, please visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online today.


Basic Safety Practices for Digital Wallets

If you want to keep your digital devices, and any digital wallets, safe from harm you first need to understand what’s actually at stake. Then you can formulate a plan, and a backup plan to deal with the rare scenarios that might not ever happen. Here are some of the basic principles people need to be aware of when they use digital wallets.


Most people don’t understand that the device itself encrypts the data you’re sending. A few years ago, a new technology known as “Near Field Communication” was put into use that allowed phones to wirelessly communicate payment data from device-to-device. NFC is a protocol, or a method of communicating, that both encrypts and protects any data sent with it.

The device takes care of this on its own, without any required user input.

Account Security

There are two fundamental flaws in digital wallets. The first is a weak password used to protect your initial account. The best method to protect your account is fairly simple: use a stronger password. There are a variety of methodologies behind coming up with a good password, so you can pick and choose the one you like best. The key is to store those passwords securely. There are a variety of plugins for most browsers that do this for you, but you can use password protection apps to safeguard your information as well.

The second security flaw is device security. Most of us keep our phones fairly guarded, but we still lose them from time to time. There is also physical theft of a device to contend with. The best solutions to these challenges, again, come down to users utilizing stronger passwords and security measures to protect their devices.

Each wallet is persistent, meaning it follows the user from one device to another. If your device breaks, or it’s stolen, you can simply lock the account remotely and recover your credentials on a new device.

Get support, read Payza reviews and more at Payza, the Web’s most widely used digital wallet.


Three Reasons that Nuclear Power Will Continue to Grow

In the next 20 years, the population of the world will explode by more than 2 billion people. In developing nations especially, that surge will put a great strain on the power grid. Fossil fuels are beginning to show their shortcomings, and renewable energy is not yet sustainable. The path forward will involve a hybrid strategy, with nuclear power leading the way.

Power Demands

In addition to the normal demands of the power grid, which are already stressed under a growing population, water shortages are contributing as well. Desalinization is just one method, and it’s incredible power hungry. Nuclear power would be able to provide enough to handle the load of running these plants, while helping to reinforce the power grid of the future.

According to experts like Dev Randhawa, countries like China want to aggressively push into the nuclear power sector. Randhawa points out that countries, like Saudi Arabia, require a baseload. Dev points to the big freeze that occurred in Canada as a good example of what happens when you rely too much on any one power source. Nuclear power is a far more viable option for developing nations, where power consumption is even higher than developed nations like the US and China.

Clean Energy

Coal burning plants use fresh water to cool them off for logistical reasons, but nuclear plants don’t have that problem. They can be relocated to coastlines, using seawater to cool the plant. If Australia moved to nuclear, it would help conserve precious water for more than four million people. It was also estimated that nuclear was the most cost effective option to help restrict rising temperatures through non-carbon energy generation.


Choosing Which Voltage to Utilize For Your Aircraft

It’s important to understand the differences between volts within a battery system.

Written by: Start Pac

Almost every aircraft type requires some type of electrical energy to operate their navigation, lights, COM and NAV radio’s, intercom, and other electronic frameworks. Now, this electrical system is comprised of a batter and an alternator or generater on older aircraft. All of this is connected through meters (or kilometers on larger aircraft) of wire.

Know Your Electrical System

Even for the experienced pilot, it pays to have some fundamental information of the electrical frameworks of his or her air ship, which could be a life saver if an emergency were to occur.

Automobiles and your normal homebuilt aircraft typically runs on a 12 volt electrical system where the battery, alternator and electrical gear is intended for these voltages. In any case, other, generally larger aircrafts, have 28 volt power supplies in their frameworks.

12 Volt or 28 Volt?

The system that you will choose for your aircraft doesn’t really matter. Either the 12- or 28 volt battery pack will run reliably and operate all the equipment within the aircraft. So, at first glance, there really isn’t too much of a difference in deciding which system to utilize.

Likewise, most producers have hardware that can run on either voltage or are selectable – this is not by any stretch an issue. Be that as it may, if you wish to utilize your automobile to kick off your airplane, this necessity may guide you towards a 12 volt framework. In the case you require less weight and more cranking power for starting the engine, consider using a 24- or 28 volt ground power unit.


How to choose a third party EDI vendor

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

There are two paths you can take when it comes to EDI services. You can go with the in-house implementation. This tends to be more costly, a lot more work, but gives a lot of additional control, security, and privacy. Alternatively, you can go with a third party EDI provider. This is faster, has less capital expenditure. Here we will look at some of the considerations when it comes to choosing one:

The first consideration would be the number of partners present on the vendor’s system. This is the most important because the more of your existing vendors and partners on the system, the easier this transition will be. In addition, the cost benefits will also be visible sooner.

The second would be support for overseas partners. This means being able to get your Chinese and European suppliers and customers on board.

Another is training and support for your staff. Training, later on, can be done in-house, but at the start, it is good to be able to get staff trained by the vendor. Electronic data interchange will be a big shift and this will need to be introduced to them well.

Getting your partners on board EDI is also another important consideration. Not all of your partners will be using EDI. Getting them on board will be to your benefit and theirs. Vendors can provide support and guidance on how to best go about this.

Finally, there are the financials. The providers tend to charge on volume of transactions while offering differing payment models.


Act Data is an EDI service bureau for retail and supplier environments.



The advantages of colocation

Written by Rack Alley

When it comes to the different options for hosting your servers, colocation has many benefits. Here are five of them to help device which path to take:


There are times when services like los angeles web hosting cannot handle sudden surges in traffic. Rather than having to predict or provision services like this in advance, with colocation a request to the provider to can result in additional bandwidth very quickly. Once the peak period is over the same services can be reduced again.


Los angeles colocation services come with climate-controlled data centers, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy. This type of infrastructure will be extremely expensive to maintain in house. The redundancy in network connectivity will mean that the sites and services will never be down due to internet downtime.


These facilities also provide state of the art security for your servers. These include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems. Even for your company personnel to get in will require pre-registration and advance notice. This provides physical security that will prevent any type of theft or vandalism.


In times of a disaster, or if the office needs to relocate, there is no headache when it comes to worrying about these server systems. Everything will keep running while the office movies or the disaster is sorted out. During that time


Rack Alley provides small and enterprise customers with premium la data center services.