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How to Buy a Safe for the Home

Purchasing a safe for the home isn’t quite as simple as it might appear. It’s important to understand that safes can have several different ratings related to tool resistance, fire resistance, and construction. The common safe found in sporting goods stores is actually termed a “residential security container” and lacks many of high security safes.

Some safes have a burglary rating. As an example, tl 30 safes are rated against the use of common hand tool, drill, punches, and hammers for a period of 30 minutes. A safe of this rating must also be constructed of 1-inch solid steel.

The most important step is to determine your needs and budget. Are you interested in protecting firearms, jewelry, documents, magnetic media, photos, or cash? Certain types of safes are more appropriate for a particular purpose. A safe designed for firearms wouldn’t be the best choice for protecting photos.

What is your budget? Safes can range from less than $100 to well over $50,000. How much can you afford? How much are the items you want to protect actually worth? Determine a price range and limit your search to safes that fit your budget.

During your search, you’ll undoubtedly find many used safes for sale. While it’s possible to find a bargain, consumers should be cautious. It’s challenging to accurately determine what you’re getting. Most importantly, find a safe that fits your needs and budget.

First Security Safe offers used safes for sale online, or at its Los Angeles showroom.


Corvus Introduces Lithium Ion Alternative

Written by: Start Pac

Lithium ion batteries have more uses in the tugboat industry than one might think.

You may not think that a tugboat has much in common with a tug, but a Canadium battery company has created an innovative way to provide power for electric GSE. Corvus Energy has been conduction tests of GSE to run on a lithium GPU. They have already developed a Rug Technologies MA series tug retrofit, and is also continuing to work on retrofit kits for new test projects. Corvus is also selling factory-installed kits that allow OEM’s to ship a fully electric unit right to the customer.

The Birth of Corvus

The company began developing their batteries back in 2009 for use in the hybridization of heavy commercial vessels like tugboats. The first installations showed fuel costs falling 25 percent as well as maintenance bills dropping30 percent. Additionally, other tests have shown that there are huge reductions in carbon emissions.

A Breakdown on Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, as well as the lithium ground power unit, are a common source of power for most phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Increases in power management technology are allowing batteries to power up electric cars that are currently coming on the market. Most lithium ion batteries are built in a similar fashion.

There are individual cells that are put together with two electrodes and separated by an electrolyte. Now, depending on whether the cell is charging or discharging, lithium ions tend to flow between the electrodes. This flows to the external circuit, which powers up the battery itself – making it prime for portable power.


The Many Methods of Optical Thin Film Deposition

to find the right technique that benefits you.

There are numerous processes when it comes to the manufacturing of optical thin films. Some of the most common methods include: thermal, ion beam evaporation, ion beam assisted deposition, and ion beam sputtering. Each method provides its advantages in the formation of optical film and each provide value and limitations.

When it comes to coating manufacturers, you’ll find that many of them use only one of the methods rather than multiple to make it appear that a single approach is more beneficial.

Ion Assisted Deposition

Ion beam deposition is a variant of the e-beam evaporation process. E-beam evaporation adds a high-energy ion beam that is directed at the coating substrate. The ions tend to act like an atomic hammer that produces a high film density – much higher than evaporation alone. Furthermore, ion beams cal also be utilized to pre-clean and etch the substrate’s surface to improve its’ overall film adhesion. The result of this high coating density is an improved mechanical durability, greater environmental stability, and a lower scatter – without the use of electron beams.

Ion Beam Sputtering

Ion beam sputtering coats are produced within a vacuum chamber. When it comes to IBS, high-energy ion beams are directed at the target – which is typically a metal or an oxide. The ions then transfer the momentum towards the substrate causing molecules to sputter off. The high-energy atoms are then deposited as coats onto the substrate. Throughout the process, oxygen is typically present at low pressure within the coating chamber to act as a reactant when creating oxides on metal targets.

Some advantages to using ion beam sputtering include: extremely uniform results, high density, excellent adhesion, and environmental stability. Furthermore, the surface roughness of the deposited layers is extremely low, which tend to yield infrared and visible levels. Deposition rates are relatively low when compared to other coating styles. But, the control and reproducibility levels are high, which makes it possible for performance targets to be hit with a greater precision than most evaporation techniques. This is beneficial for the user, because of the production of steep edge filers and multi-wavelength mirrors. Additionally, this process can occur through full automation, meaning that it does not require the supervision of an operator. One of the biggest drawbacks to IBS however, is that it only works with a limited range of materials  – typically metal oxides.
Denton Vacuum, LLC is a supplier and manufacturer of the finest deposition products. If you are looking for a thermal evaporation system that screams quality, visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online today.


Aircraft Maintenance Equipment and Portable Power

Written by: Start Pac

Of all the aircraft maintenance equipment that are currently being used in aviation fields around the country, one of the most underrated tools are portable power supply units. For one, they provide an aircraft with an optimal source of electricity that thoroughly powers the entire unit in little time. Small planes and even larger planes run on electricity to power their onboard equipment as well as all the other features within the unit itself.


Important Aspects to Look Out For


A portable power supply unit can either be a standalone generator or be hooked together to multiple lines that connect to a central hub – typically in airports and larger air fields. For both convenience an efficiency purposes, the power supply units are stored in mass quantities and are an integral part of the air field itself. If you’ve wondered what those carts are pulling that have electrical hoses that stick out of them do, those are the power units that the airports use for the incoming planes.


Typically, when planes taxi in, the maintenance crew immediately runs over to tend to the aircraft. This means, refueling, cleaning, repairing, etc. Now, once the plane is parked, the power supply unit can do its part by supplying a constant stream of electricity without having to keep the plane on. This allows there to be lights and electrical access running straight from the power supply units.


Underrated Overachievers


In smaller airfields, an airplane starting unit can be used to provide a jumpstart to small planes and aircrafts. This is important, as these planes require a significant amount of power to maintain flight. Now, most people will talk about how fuel is the number one factor when it comes to airplanes – next to onboard flight systems. However, without power, much of the features of a plane wouldn’t be possible. For instance, the control panels and the all the board switches wouldn’t have any way of controlling the plane. They continue to be an underrated unit within the airplane industry. However, with new technology coming in, there are more advanced starting units being created that serve more purposes than just providing a single spark of electricity. With that being said, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of portable power units.

Setting up a DR Server for Business Continuity

Written by Rack Alley

2Auditors are requiring more and more organizations to include business continuity planning in order to qualify for certain standards. Part of this is maintaining a disaster recovery site for IT services and operations. Rather than setup your own data center outside the geographical area of your existing premises, the preferred solution is to rent rack space for la colocation. Then use that to host your disaster recovery servers. Here are the basics of one approach:


When the workload at any location is virtualized, it is much easier to transfer that workload anywhere. The first step for anyone with a completely non-virtual infrastructure is to work migrate all servers and services to a virtual machine platform.

Disaster Recovery Server

Using server hosting los angeles, we put identical servers to the ones running our virtual machines at the data center designated for disaster recovery. It is preferable if the specifications of the servers are identical, however, in the interests of costs, even barebones servers could suffice. It will depend on how quickly and how critical your services are.


Now that the workloads have been virtualized. The data can be replicated from the main data center to the off site server farm. The first synchronization can take some time but all subsequent cycles will be faster. The bandwidth you will need between the two locations will depend on how much data needs to be replicated and how often.

Rack Alley provides small and enterprise customers with premium la data center services.



Benefits of portable air conditioners

Written by Movincool

2There are some situations under which we can’t install window or split unit air conditioners. Sometime we are not allowed to due to homeowners or lease agreements. Other times there are issues of access and location. The answer is to use a portable air conditioner. Here are a few benefits of these portable units:


In a situation where putting a window air conditioner in is not allowed, this is the perfect solution. You can have as many as you want without any protrusions from the house. In addition you can place them anywhere in your home. This way you can take the cooling to where it is need the most, when it is needed.


These units are perfect for smaller spaces. In addition, in these smaller spaces, lighting and window space can be at a premium. In that case, even if you were allowed to install a Window unit, you would probably like to avoid it.


Portable air conditioners are very quick and easy to install. On top of that, they are also non-permanent, so even removal is fast.

Spot Cooling

Even in places where there is central air conditioning, portable units have proven to be useful. Central a/c can be very expensive to run, so a couple of portable units to spot cool specific areas can be a lot more economical.

MovinCool are providers of industrial cooling and portable room air conditioning equipment and expertise.

Setting up a Plex environment at home

techicatedThere are many people that buy their movies. This can be either DVD’s or Bluray discs. The problem is when you want to watch a movie, you have to find the disc, put it in the player. In some cases you even need to change discs when the movie has more than one. This gets worse when you have hundreds of movies. There is however an easy way around this problem, and that is to convert your entire library into digital files and then you can stream it. One way to do it is to setup a plex environment at home:


The first thing you will need is a computer with storage to function as the plex media server. This is what will convert and stream your video to any device in your house. Once you add videos, it will download the cover art, and category information automatically.


Now you will need to rip the video and audio from the entire library. This is usually the most painful and time consuming part. There are plenty of tools that will do this for you. You insert the disc and it will do the extraction and conversion. Power users can even change the settings so that they get bigger files and a little more quality.


Now that you have a full digital movie library you can figure out where you want to watch these movies. Smartphones and tablets are covered with the plex apps. Newer televisions will come with smart software which will allow you to install the plex app on it. Alternatively if you are comfortable with browsing the library on the phone you can use Chromecasts and cast video directly to your TV.


Basic Marketing for Your App

When it comes to mobile app marketing, creating a mobile website is not enough. You’ll need to nab the smartphone generation’s attention, and persuade them to use your app.

It is hugely important for mobile app developers Los Angeles to know how to spread the word about their apps. Here are some basic marketing tips:

Make Your App Useful

People are not always interested in something they don’t need. So, the first thing you should do when marketing your app is to make it useful and attractive to the general public. An app should not necessarily be an extension of your online store or website.

Seek the Services of App Marketing Agencies

Mobile app marketing agencies are a very important part of the Android app development industry. These agencies specialize in marketing almost all types of apps. Popular marketing agencies include Appular, Appency and

To find more marketing agencies, simply search them on Google. You can enter something like “mobile app marketing agency”.

Mobile Advertising

If you choose to use PPC advertising, consider placing ads on mobile devices. Search engines like Google offer mobile ads. Such ads target mobile users searching on their devices.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways of building an audience. Regularly post content promoting your app on various technology blogs, and you’ll be surprised how useful guest blogging is.

Social Advertising

Social advertising allows you to target people by interests and demographics. If you already know the likely users of your app, you can specifically target them and ensure they click on your ads.

Most iPhone app developers Los Angeles use social advertising to market their apps.

Halcyon Innovation is a mobile app development company based out of Los Angeles. To start building apps for your business, contact Halcyon Innovation.


7 major changes in iPhone 7

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5 things you can do with your used/old cellphone

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