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How to get more Facebook Engagement

Facebook’s algo is so heavily influenced by engagement rate, you MUST use public figure pages + one minute videos + dollar a day boosts.

But I don’t want to create a public figure page on Facebook, you say. I’m not “big” enough, not a professional speaker, or of that braggadocio personality.

Look at it not like self-promotion or motivational speaker stuff, but about sharing good stuff with your audience.

You’re teaching, not talking about yourself, your lifestyle, etc.

You’re giving and sharing openly— not chest-beating, promoting get rich quick schemes.

Yes, there are a TON of self- proclaimed authors, speakers, coaches, and hucksters of all variety peddling their wares. And I also feel icky when I see these folks make hollow promises.

But just because many are abusing the medium doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there, any more than 20 years ago, the dominant players on the web were PPC– porn, pills, and casinos.

The current crop of weeds will go away in due time, as Facebook matures.

Your public figure page, one minute videos, and dollar a day are how we show Facebook we deserve to rank in the newsfeed with 50%+ engagement rates (view-through), relevancy scores of 10, average watch times over 20 seconds.

Do you have these three components?
Because if you don’t, you’re handicapped from ranking on Facebook– your stuff looks too much like an ad.