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What is cloud computing and cloud hosting

Written by Rack Alley

The latest buzz word in hosting and LA data center circles is cloud computing. The initial misconception was that any service that was stored or hosted on the cloud was considered cloud computing. When in reality, it is far more than that. For example, services like Google Drive and Dropbox are all online services, but can hardly be considered cloud computing or cloud services. They are just online services.

Cloud computing is more than just about the service that is provided. In fact, it is more about how the service is delivered. The main difference between online service and cloud services is that cloud services are scalable.

It is also what makes it so important. The ability to start with a server that has a certain amount computing resource (like processor and memory) and be able to increase and decrease in real-time is what sets it apart. In addition, the billing is by the hour which makes a short burst of usage possible.

This applies to all aspects of cloud services. Granular, scalable services are available for storage, databases business intelligence, AI and so much more. Without the advent of cloud computing, most of the today’s startups would not exist. It gives very small companies the ability to buy the resources they need when they need it.

It should be noted that larger organizations still run in-house and hybrid deployments but focus on LA colocation and private cloud implementations as opposed to using public clouds.


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