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Using pop-ups to improve sales and conversions

Written by Secure Net Shop

Have you thought about using pop ups on your shopping cart e-commerce website to boost sales, and then been scared that it might remind users of spammy sites?

There is no need for concern, here are several major brands that use pop-ups in their shopping carts and other parts of the website to good effect:

Amazon – uses a popup as soon as you load the site to encourage you to sign in. Thanks to the wealth of information they have about you, that is the starting point for recommendations, suggestions, and reminders.

McDonald’s – Since the primary motivation is to get you to enter of their restaurants, the popup on the website asks for your location. From then onwards the menu etc can be tailored to what is available locally along with suggestions of which branch to visit.

Kellog’s – This is a lightbox popup, which darkens the page and gets the user focused on the popup. In this case, it is to encourage visitors to sign up for Family rewards for coupons and special offers.

Colgate – Much like Kellog’s, there is an immediate lightbox which asks for an email address in exchanges for special offers and expert advice.

Pinterest – If you don’t have an account or not logged in to Pinterest, you will see a popup that takes over the page. You cannot see the content or proceed until you have either signed in or signed up.



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