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Why 4G Mobile Internet May Be the Best Alternative to Fiber Optic Internet in Rural America

Fiber optic Internet is considered one of the best options for Internet access in large cities because of its lightning-fast speeds and reliability. However, many urban residents take this service for granted, since there are many households across rural America that have no access to fiber optic Internet. Many articles and government initiatives have acknowledged the prevalence of this problem, but progress in installing an adequate infrastructure for broadband Internet in rural America has been slow.

The aforementioned infrastructure issue may be one reason why a significant amount of fiber optic companies do not offer services in every state. Furthermore, the fiber optic companies that do offer Internet service in rural areas usually charge much higher rates in those regions. For these reasons, rural residents need reliable alternative rural Internet service providers. Luckily, companies have developed innovative ways to use technology for Internet services that fit perfectly with rural residents’ needs.

Contenders for the best rural Internet service provider include unlimited satellite Internet providers like HughesNet and unlimited 4G rural Internet providers like UbiFi. While satellite Internet providers use impressive far-reaching technology that relies on satellites in orbit, mobile 4G Internet providers like UbiFi use cell towers throughout rural areas to provide an Internet connection. Although satellite Internet can reach the most areas out of all other types of Internet service, satellite Internet’s biggest weakness is its high latency due to the distance Internet signals have to travel to reach rural households. In contrast, mobile Internet companies like UbiFi provide high-speed, high-performance Internet services to rural residents with low levels of latency. This makes 4G mobile Internet ideal for online gaming and other live activities that require quick, responsive Internet with no delays.