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Setting up a DR Server for Business Continuity

Written by Rack Alley

2Auditors are requiring more and more organizations to include business continuity planning in order to qualify for certain standards. Part of this is maintaining a disaster recovery site for IT services and operations. Rather than setup your own data center outside the geographical area of your existing premises, the preferred solution is to rent rack space for la colocation. Then use that to host your disaster recovery servers. Here are the basics of one approach:


When the workload at any location is virtualized, it is much easier to transfer that workload anywhere. The first step for anyone with a completely non-virtual infrastructure is to work migrate all servers and services to a virtual machine platform.

Disaster Recovery Server

Using server hosting los angeles, we put identical servers to the ones running our virtual machines at the data center designated for disaster recovery. It is preferable if the specifications of the servers are identical, however, in the interests of costs, even barebones servers could suffice. It will depend on how quickly and how critical your services are.


Now that the workloads have been virtualized. The data can be replicated from the main data center to the off site server farm. The first synchronization can take some time but all subsequent cycles will be faster. The bandwidth you will need between the two locations will depend on how much data needs to be replicated and how often.

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